EGW Writings

On different occasions she spoke and wrote of the ark in the most holy place in the heavenly sanctuary. One such statement was made in a sermon preached in Torero, Sweden, in 1886. {CIHS 15.1}

“I warn you, Do not place your influence against God’s commandments. That law is just as Jehovah wrote it in the temple of heaven. Man may trample upon its copy here below, but the original is kept in the ark of God in heaven; and on the cover of this ark, right above that law, is the mercy seat. Jesus stands right there before that ark to mediate for man.”—Ellen G. White Comments, The S.D.A. Bible Commentary 1:1109. {CIHS 15.2}

And in 1903 she again wrote of the reality of the heavenly sanctuary: {CIHS 15.3}

“I could say much regarding the sanctuary; the ark containing the law of God; the cover of the ark, which is the mercy seat; the angels at either end of the ark; and other things connected with the heavenly sanctuary and with the great day of atonement. I could say much regarding the mysteries of heaven; but my lips are closed. I have no inclination to try to describe them.”—Ellen G. White Letter 253, 1903. {CIHS 15.4}

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